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Our one-stop service to turn your ideas into reality

Based on your ideas, we will support domestic and overseas production by constructing hardware and software design, procuring parts from prototype to mass production, operational method for mass production, construction of inspection process and establishment of quality system. In addition, we will offer one-stop proposals including logistics, repairment and customer service.

1. Planning

Our group companies in various fields of expertise will collaborate to visualize your ideas with abundant experience, knowledge and technology.

2. Development

We will listen to your ideas and share the completion image of the product, then carry out product design, circuit design, selection of necessary parts, price negotiations, prototype support, etc., and make your image more concrete. We also support outsourcing (ODM) from design to manufacturing.

3. Manufacturing

With the manufacturing know-how cultivated through collaborations with partner companies, we will support with the optimum manufacturing technology according to your request. Based on the idea of sustainability as well as thorough quality control by acquiring ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, we will reduce environmental risk and improve efficiency, and propose quality and cost which satisfy our customers.

4. After service

We have established a support system in collaboration with a wide variety of suppliers and cooperating companies with a wide network which is not bound by the boundaries of specialized fields.

Strengths of ODM / EMS

1. Global procurement utilizing the Kanematsu group network

We will make the best use of the global network of one of the major Japanese trading companies “Kanematsu” and propose procurement plans from more than 150,000 suppliers around the world. 

2. Stable procurement at a reasonable price

In addition to grasping and analyzing price levels and market trends of procured parts, we will analyze the adequacy of price negotiations with suppliers and distribution costs,  then we propose an appropriate cost by making full use of the Kanematsu Group’s strength.

3. Wide variety, small quantities

Through collaborations with partner companies that have their own characteristics, we can speedily respond to demands of wide variety of products in small quantities.

4. BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

Even in a situation where business continuity is jeopardized, such as natural disaster or conflict, we put the highest priority on supply continuity and manage with all resources around the world. With Kanematsu Group all over the world, we have not only maintained and improved existing supply chains but also built new supply chains based on our continuous effort to collect information promptly and a wide variety of handling experiences in industries like energy, food, etc.