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Hannstar Display expands its product lineup of reflective low-consumption LCDs.

Hannstar Display Corp, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, has expanded its product lineup of low power reflective LCDs (abbreviated as LPRD), which have been conventionally produced.

Due to recent changes in lifestyle, the demands for higher performance and higher functionality for the mounted displays are increasing. There are various types of displays such as STN-LCD, a-Si TFT-LCD, electronic paper (E-ink), Poly-Si TFT-LCD, and organic EL.
Mobile devices are often battery-powered, and system power consumption and battery capacity determine usage time. Therefore, low power consumption as a system is indispensable, and low power consumption is strongly required for each device installed in the equipment.
Under such circumstances, Hannstar Display Corp has expanded its product lineup of LPRD that realizes low power consumption of display and excellent design and high visibility by using proprietary technology, We will propose to meet.

<Product Evolution>
  • Colorful/Gray Performance
  • Large Size & High Resolution
  • Display with extra Advertisement function
  • Sun Light Readable
  • Ultra Low Power
  • Wide Temp Range
  • Fast Refresh Time

< Optical Performance Evolution>
  • White Balance Optimum
  • Diffuse Reflectance Improvement
  • High Reflectance solution
  • Front Light solution
  • In Retails, Warehouse,  RFID
  • Parking Maters,  Motorcycle,  POS
  • E-Reader,  Handle+Advertisement
  • Medical
Hannstar Display Corporation
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