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Melexis: Providing Solutions to Contactless Applications

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KFT provides some solutions to those who require contactless applications in today’s various industries.
If you wish, KFT can help your design and development and provide evaluation tools to utilize following products.

Temperature Sensor

◎Applications :Contactless Thermometer / Temperature Gauge

 ※ Standard calibration in wide temperature range
 ※ Temperature Accuracy ± 0.2℃ to ±1℃

◆Single & Dual Zone:MLX90614/MLX90615/MLX90632 (Standard and Medical Accuracy)

  Standard Accuracy : -40 to 125℃ for ambient temp. -70 to 380℃ for object temp.
  Medical Accuracy : -40 to 85℃ for ambient temp. -20 to 119℃ for object temp.

◆Thermal Array Sensor : MLX90621(16×4)/MLX90640(32×24)/MLX90641(16×12)

-40 to 85℃ for ambient temperature -40 to 300℃ for object temperature

TOF Sensor

◎Application:Gesture Controls (monitoring human, object etc.)
 ※Measuring distance and reflectivity at full resolution
 ※QVGA/VGA : High Frame Rate (max. 60 frame/Sec), AEC-Q100 G2 qualified
 ※High Ambient Light Robustness (usable in sunlight)
 ※Recognizing natural 3D motion and monitoring strictly vehicle drivers
 ※Cooperative with DepthSense®3D Picture (patented by SoftKinetic)
 ※Not only IC but also Module available
 ◆Product Name : MLX750xx series

Proximity Sensor

◎Application:Gesture Controls (Robust Proximity Sensing etc.)
 ※Single chip controls two LEDs and two photodiodes
 ※Speedy response (60fps for HMI)
 ※High Ambient Light Robustness (usable in sunlight)
◆Product Name : MLX75031