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New Backside Illuminated 16.8M CMOS Image Sensor -GSENSE4040BSI for High-end Scientific Applications

15th September 2020, Changchun, China – Gpixel announced their new backside illuminated (BSI) 16.8M resolution (4096 x 4096) CMOS image sensor – GSENSE4040BSI, with 9μm x 9μm pixels and optical area of 36.8mm x 36.8mm.

An intra-scene dynamic range of 85dB is achieved by dual-gain 12bit HDR read out mode, together with 39ke full well capacity and 2.3e readout noise. 18pairs of LVDS channels are used to output data at a maximum frame rate of 24fps.

GSENSE4040BSI is designed based on the existing GSENSE4040FSI sensor with optimized imaging performance. They are hardware compatible products and customers can integrate both into one PCB design which saves much development resource.

Prototype sample will be available for evaluation in mid-October. For more information, please contact Gpixel at info@gpixel.com. More specifications can be found at Gpixel’s product website, https://www.gpixel.com/

Gpixel will keep expending the BSI sensor series and offer varieties of products suitable for scientific applications. Following table lists show the main specifications of current GSENSE BSI portfolio.

Resolution2048 x 20482048 x 20484096 x 40966144 x 61444096 x 4096pixels
Pixel Size6.5 x 6.511 x 119 x 910 x 1015 x 15µm x µm
Photosensitive Area13.3 x 13.322.5 x 22.536.8 x 36.861.4 x 61.461.4 x 61.4mm x mm
Full Well Capacity5591.239102128.5ke
Readout Noise1.61.62.334e
Dynamic Range90.7958590.690dB
Frame Rate4324241123fps