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RIKEN TECHNOS products on sale now

We have started handling RIKEN TECHNOS Corp products “RikeGard”.
RIKEN TECHNOS Corp has been manufacturing and selling materials such as compound films since its establishment in 1951. “RikeGuard” has the trusted “SIAA mark” that certifies Antiviral, Antibacterial and Safety. Moreover, it is the only highly transparent film in the world.
Especially for Antivirals, it has high Antiviral performance that reduces the number of specific viruses attached to the film by 99.99%. As for Antibacterial, it has high Antibacterial performance that suppresses the growth of bacteria on the film surface to 1/100 or less.

Obtained trusted SIAA certification

RikeGard File 5 Benefits

Virus infectionSpecific viruses are reduced by 99.99.
Highly TransparentIt has the same transmittance as a glass. Ideal for windows and displays. Rikeguard is the only transparent antiviral film in the world.
FingerPrint resistanceNo fingerprints and smooth touch!
DurabiltyAntiviral performance retaines for more than 10 years.
*Passed the rigorous reliability test (60℃/90%/800hours)
No scratches and performance maintained even after rubbing 10,000 times.
Adhesive typesVarious product lineup: Strong adhesive, suitable for long-term use Slight adhesive, easy to reattach

Characteristic table