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3 core businesses synergy

Our advantage is the synergy of CMOS image sensor sales, sensor assembly and camera module development.
We can provide the best solution for the needs of a client in imaging business field.

Supply chain

Our 3 core businesses make expanding of supply chain from upper to down stream in the imaging business field.
We will give a right answer to our client’s growing demand of image sensors.

CMOS Image sensor Assembly/Designing/Testing

We were transferred assembly business of CMOS image sensor from Fuji Film Optics corp.
This makes us to be able to supply good products worldwide. We have one of the best class of clean room as assembly house Class 100.
Our sensor is assembled and tested here, then we can manufacture of a wide variety of products in small quantities on-demand.
In addition, we have approx. 30 years experience in assembly business, our technology can be of help to client requirement of designing and testing.

Camera module Assembly/Designing/Parts procurement

We can provide designing of CMOS image sensor camera module on-demand.
We also procure client’s designated parts. We can assemble image sensor and camera module in the same Class 100 clean room.
This can minimize dust or scratch which are very important factors should be removed, then we reach high quality and good yield supply.
We have experiences of development for still/moving image on-demand high-end camera.

Example of our development
・High speed camera for coin inspection
・Machine vision camera for lens inspection
・Stereo camera for a sight line detection system(prototype)

CMOS Image sensor sales

We are the agent for Gpixel in the Japanese market.
Our CMOS sensors cover broad range of light wave from UV to NIR light. It can be used for several industries or scientific field.
Based on high technology of Gpixel, we also collaborate university and research institution as the best solution provider for their needs.



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