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Members have enough experiences in the optics industry. Their lenses are produced for car camera, projector, security camera and customized camera.
Eterge is a young company however they introduced wholly automation equipment for design and production. They provide every client with sufficient product with stable quality and appropriate price.

Head officeTaiwan
Products(Lens)Electronic product for consumer (mobile phone, tablet, camera), car camera, security camera, projector

Optical lens supply

Automatic integrated manufacturing and automatic inspection/measurement make it possible to stabilize good quality.

Customize lens development

Design team has sufficient experience and ability. They perform on-demand simulation promptly/accurately for customized lens and this action supports a client taking an opportunity to get profit.

Assembly automation

Automatic design team supports an automation in several production process. Introduction of appropriate automated production optimizes good quality and efficiency of production.

Production system

ISO9001, ISO14000 and TS16949 confirm stabilization of production system. Their priority is prompt support on a client anytime. In addition, they install inspection/measurement and environment checking equipment to ensure a conformity of quality to certificates.