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Providing Solutions, Building your Future


Our one-stop service changes your idea into a concrete business

We study your idea, then support production worldwide and one-stop;

-Hardware and Software design, Procurement parts, Prototype production, Planning of mass production, Test process, Quality checking and necessary services.

– As a trading house, we can provide supply chain management including logistics, repair and customer support after-sale.

ODM model (Original Design Manufacturing)

We can supply product on-demand. Based on your idea, we develop, design, procurement parts and production. Our business in trading field supports to make the best supply chain. We provide total solution service for you.

EMS model (Electronics Manufacturing Service)

We can supply product on-demand based on your design.

Our advantage in ODM・EMS business

1.Globalization of procurement based on “KANEMATSU” worldwide network

As a member of “Kanematsu”, one of the Japanese major trading house, we can use their network with over 150,000 partners to propose the best solution for you.

2.Stable supply and fair price

We ensure the best supply based on stable and fair price procurement. In order to achieve it, we analyze price standard of parts, market situation and efficient logistics, in addition to negotiate with our suppliers. Our network makes us supporting the best supply for you.

3.BCP(Business Continuity Plan

BCP is our priority. Even if there is a risk to continue business under a national disaster or conflict,  “continuous supply” is our priority. Our worldwide network and a great deal of experience ensure trace-able supply source. It also utilize to analyze and find new supply chain.