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Providing Solutions, Building your Future


We are offering solutions based on our experiences, via semiconductor business, with Kanematsu Group and with our partners.

IT and IoT

We know that every customer’s environment and needs are different. Listening to you and understanding what you want to be accomplished. That’s where we start. We are confident that our team will provide the best and tailored solution for your needs. In addition to planning, design and development, our service extends to providing hardware as well as cloud system and subsequent maintenance.

Livestock related project

With our established IoT experience, we have been serving IT/IoT in the livestock industry. Customers’ needs are different in each case, such as chicken, pork and beef.
Although we have been experienced many cases, however, we would like to talk to you to make sure what we are going to achieve. We believe that this is the most important process of our business. Then we will offer the best solutions for you.

Labor saving and logistics related solutions

Based on IT/IoT Technology, we are offering optimization by human dynamics management and analysis.
We are also proposing solutions to maximize work efficiency in a various working environment especially in a factory and a warehouse. While linking with old and new hardware technology, such as Barcode and RFID, our software/cloud service will brings you very high work efficiency without changing your existing backbone system.