KFT provides a broad array of products and service through extensive business operations centered on Semiconductors and electronic devices, Imaging, Graphics&Video, Wireless communication, Solutions, Development/Design/Manufacturing, and Semiconductor manufacturing. With a vast amount of experience in technology as well as collaborating our global network and business foundation, we create new values in accordance with the times.

Semiconductors and
Electronic devices

We have many years of experience in dealing with semiconductors, electronic components, and modules, and we have a wide lineup of general-purpose ICs, dedicated ICs, sensors, communications, and liquid crystal-related products. We can provide electronic key-devices with flexible design-in activities and reliable technical support. 


Business centered on “CMOS image-sensor sales” and “Development of camera-modules”, we are also collaborating with “Semiconductor manufacturing (assembly)". We have established a system that can meet all customers’ needs in imaging business field by linking 3 businesses organically. 


Demand for Graphics&Video is expanding in various markets, from automotive applications to amusement. We have always kept an eye on market trends to provide our customers with the best solutions. We can offer you everything from device proposal to design prototyping and mass production. 

Wireless communication

Taking advantage of our many years of experience in wireless technology, we have a lineup of products from short range to long range and provide them to a wide variety of applications such as IoT equipment, in-vehicle equipment, and industrial equipment. We not only provide products for major domestic carriers, but also develop firmware, and provide design and development services to our customers. 


Combining our strengths in wireless technology with cloud services and web systems, we can provide total solutions for the promotion of IoT and DX. It helps to reduce on-site work time, improve work efficiency, work-life balance, and continuous business growth. 


We can support our customers to develop products by making use of our wealth of knowledge cultivated over many years of semiconductor sales and the wireless technology that is indispensable for IT/IoT. We can provide consistent services from compiling required specifications, developing hardware and software, procuring parts, establishing inspection processes, and establishing a quality control system, from prototyping to mass production. 

Semiconductor manufacturing

Over 30 years of Image-sensor production experiences, we offer contract manufacturing service of semiconductor IC assembly, which is targeted mainly for Image sensor.  
Major assembly process operates under the best-in-class clean room Class 100. Class 100 clean room makes high quality & low-yield production environments. Additionally, we support multiproduct lines from small volume productions.