Wireless communication

We have enhanced the added value to various products, 5G products, Multi-Carrier module, global router,
BLE module, Wi-Fi module and GNSS module of positioning.​
Furthermore, our development and engineering departments are aiming to create a new business model
to meet our customer requirement.​



We will provide products and services in the 5G wireless communication system to introduce the most suitable products according to your needs, ranging from base stations to 5G routers, USB dongles and UE products.
When installing a base station, we will provide consulting services on license application and acquisition, and aim to improve the IoT and network environment in the future.


We provide LTE module products, finished products, and solution services built by us. ​
We also offer a kitting service to meet the diverse customers needs. ​
[Examples of kitting services: Network setting correspondence, communication inspection, ​
ICCID conversion work, barcode label creation and pasting, CSV file creation] ​


GNSS is an abbreviation for “Global Navigation Satellite System” and refers to a positioning system using multiple satellites. In various products that realize this system, we provide solutions for various applications using positioning data.​

Short Range

In addition to providing products using the Qualcomm’s unique wireless technology, we will also provide development services with our unique know-how for Bluetooth-related products and sufficient achievements.
We have provided customized development services for applications such as IoT.