Combining our strengths in wireless technology with cloud services and web systems, ​
we provide total solutions for the promotion of IoT and DX.​
We will get data, send data, show data and use data.​
This makes it possible to reduce paper-based operations, streamline operations, and improve speed. ​
In addition, by statistically grasping and analyzing the acquired data, it becomes possible to increase production efficiency, eliminate or improve wasteful work based on various indicators, and confirm factors that have a positive impact on management.​​

Data acquired by various sensors and tag information such as RFID are sent to the cloud or on-premises servers via communication methods such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, and the accumulated  data can be displayed as requested by the customer. Furthermore, by utilizing the accumulated data, it is possible to improve the efficiency of work at the site. ​
We can show you various examples from IoT sensers for livestock environment measurement, reading QR or RFID tag information, simple and intuitive application program on digital devices.​


Example of using IoT sensor(environment data)​

In order to confirm the effect on the growth of livestock, temperature and humidity in livestock barn are automatically measured with sensors, and the data is displayed on the dashboard in real time.​​

Example of using IoT Sensor(RFID)​

When palletizing export cargos at a warehouse, restacking happens many times to pack neatly due to different sizes of carton, and each cargo data needs to be recorded manually every time.​
But once RFID tag is attached to a carton, carton data can be automatically recorded by RFID reader.​

Example of improving work efficiency by DX①​

When delivering LP gas, delivery paper slips and receipts were sent by facsimile and sales were recorded manually before. We have developed an application software to enter data on tablet and complete the exchange of data for each customer on the cloud, which reduces working hours. ​

Example of improving work efficiency by DX②​

Previously, paper data was used for all information inside the poultry house (whereabouts of chicks and chicken breed, feed water intake, vaccination date, breed alarm for the next vaccination). We have introduced a tablet and an application software for recording all information.​
As a result, working hours have been reduced, and it has become possible to grasp information of chickens in real time.​