One-stop service of graphics and picture solution​

We have provided our customers with a one-stop service from development and design to manufacturing. We can design circuits becoming more complex and miniaturized, high-speed circuits such as DDR peripheral circuits and differential signals, as well as develop software from drivers to applications.​​

・Providing a wide variety of graphics, video-related devices and peripherals​

We can provide the core graphics controller, sound controller, display audio device, display device, etc. In addition, we can offer a wide range of related semiconductor devices such as power supplies, wireless communication devices, memories, and microcontrollers.​

・High-speed circuit design & software development​

Collaborate with in-house development resources and partner companies specialized in graphic and video solution development​

・Contract manufacturing​

Collaborate with Japanese and overseas ODM/EMS vendors based on the quality control executed by our own ODM/EMS department​


  • In-vehicle infotainment solutions​
  • Graphics and video solutions for amusement

Image diagram of Graphic Board Development

Graphics&Video Solutions