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1. We provide semiconductor, electronic parts and various module products from domestic and overseas manufacturers. We have a wide range of products from general-purpose ICs to dedicated ICs, sensors, communications, and LCD related products. We will make optimal proposals for a wide range of application such as automotive devices, mobile devices, information appliances, and industrial devices.

2. Participating from the planning stage, we select the most suitable hardware and software to building performance, effectiveness and verification in the construction of IoT systems.
Furthermore, we offer a one-stop total solution from system development design, material procurement, OEM from trial manufacturing to mass production, logistics support, and worldwide global sales support as a consistent service.

3. Utilizing the experience and technical capabilities in the semiconductor, electronic component and various module businesses, we cooperate and collaborate with various partner companies (design companies, EMS / ODM companies, Kanematsu Group networks) to meet customers’ needs and provide high development, design, mounting and assembly services.

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