GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc.  is a global R&D and chip design company founded in Silicon Valley and headquartered in Beijing specializing in high-performance, low-power and cost-effective memory and controller solutions. The company’s lineup of products includes code-type flash memory, data-type flash memory and microcontrollers.

The technologies are in wide global use in applications ranging from mobile devices, personal computers 
and peripherals, networking and telecommunications equipment, medical devices, automotive electronics, 
industrial automation systems and more. Giga Device is committed to the success of our customers through 
continuous innovation, in-depth research and quality design and development.
Head OfficeBeijing, China
ProductsNOR/NAND Flash Memory, MCU、fingerprint sensor

-Top 3 SPI NOR Flash memory supplier in the world (worldwide share 19.2% in2021)
-Top 1 fabless NOR FLASH memory supplier in the world
-China’s No.1 32-bit ARM® general-purpose MCU supplier
-China’s No.2 fingerprint sensor supplier

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