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Melexis NV

Melexis is a semiconductor manufacture and approximately 90% of the products have been designed and manufactured to satisfy various requirements from the automotive field for many years. It has a wide variety of sensor and driver ICs and so forth which are being mainly adapted by tier 1 and tier 2 automotive customers in Europe, the United States and Asia. Those state-of-the-art technologies help develop Automotive industry. 

Head officeBelgium
ProductsHall (magnetic) sensor, light sensor
Actuators, pressure sensors
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TriaxisR position sensor device

Rotary position, linear position, 3D sensing

Pedal position, steering position, throttle position, float level position, height position

Hall sensor, built IMC®, amplifiers, ADC, DSP, and DAC

In a non-contact, absolute angle (0 ° ~ 360 °) the detection

Analog, PWM, an output interface of the digital (SPI, SENT) prepared

Use the operational process at high temperatures

Because of redundancy, also available 2in1 package

ISO26262 corresponding plans in

Hall switch / latch device

Wiper motor, window lifter, sunroof-opener, seat motors, power steering, brake light switch

Switch / latch range, hysteresis, NS polarity, programmable products, such as output polarity prepared

High reliability in a non-contact

Use the operational process at high temperatures