Case Study

Full-Frame size Image sensor assembly Contract manufacturing service

We provide Contract manufacturing service for “35mm Full-Frame size Image sensor assembly” which requires extreme high quality & high technology in the process of assembly. ​

Using our know-how of Image sensor production over 30 years under Class 100 clean room, we can offer high quality and high-yield assembly service.​


  • Large sensor format has large photo sensitive area which causes large warpage and difficulties in managing low level of dust and scratch. ​


  • Low level of dust and scratch control under Class 100 clean room​
  • Optimizing warpage level by low warpage technology (Die-bonding epoxy, volume control, etc.)​

Proposal content


Based on our Major Process, we are open to discuss special/additional process and material (epoxy, wire, etc.) depending on required spec like sensor size and accuracy. ​

Not only 35mm Full-Frame size Image sensor assembly, bigger size area sensor (Maximum record 74mm x 99mm) and long size line-sensor (Maximum record 186mm) are also available.​